About Us

Welcome to AgriHire Ltd’s new online Dowdeswell parts website.

Since the mid 2000’s, we as an agricultural dealership, have been the leading supplier in the UK for Dowdeswell products - whole goods and spare parts.

When Dowdeswell Engineering ceased its plough production in August 2015 and with parts supplied from Dowdeswell's sister company DPS (Dowdeswell Parts Services), we decided to manufacture our own range of reversible ploughs from our manufacturing base in Suffolk. Over time we have produced more and more components inhouse and purchased mainly only earth wearing parts from DPS.

Unfortunately, as of February 2020, DPS ceased trading and as such focused us to source parts elsewhere within the UK. With our wealth of product knowledge for both recent and historic Dowdeswell equipment, we are working with new suppliers plus a range of existing suppliers to the now defunct DPS.

Our aim is to be able to supply Dowdeswell customers with the components they need in order to keep their equipment working.

We have for many years prided ourselves on keeping large stocks of not only earth wearing parts but a full range of manufactured parts including rams, pins, bushes, turnover shafts, legs and even headstocks – we do not see that this must change!

We can supply parts for not only the latest Dowdeswell ploughs like the 140 and 170 series but will endeavour to be able to supply items for earlier models such as DP1, DP2, DP7 and DP120 etc.

As always, we will back this up with a team who have years of service and knowledge in the Dowdeswell product and are always at the end of the phone to help and offer friendly helpful advice.